We are committed to minimizing the effects that our business operations may have on the environment by working to conserve natural resources and reduce waste and pollution. We support and maintain environmental initiatives established by our brand partners and third-party management companies. Additionally, we are working to develop reduction targets for our carbon footprint using benchmarking and analytics, and we have established an Energy Management Program to improve the efficiency of our buildings.


We proudly invest in our local communities through charitable contributions and volunteer work.  We established a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation to further our commitment to community involvement. We work to further cultivate a culture of connectedness based on our Company values and to advance a supportive and inclusive work environment where all team members are empowered to succeed. We advocate for all through industry engagement, and our training, initiatives and policies demonstrate our commitment to human rights.

Ethics and

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance through our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and expect our suppliers, vendors and other business partners to adhere to the same standards.